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WIBO / NELP Small Business Legal Clinic

Meet one-on-one with a lawyer to address business related questions such as:

* Which legal structure best suits my business (i.e. sole proprietor, corporation, limited liability, or partnership?)

* How do I protect my intellectual property?

* Is my contract legally binding?

* How do I avoid business lawsuits?

* What should I look for in a commercial lease?

Please list questions in order of importance.

Registration: Registration does NOT guarantee an appointment. We will be in contact with you via email shortly confirming your appointment time. If we are not able to accommodate your appointment we will refund your deposit.

Deposit: A $10 refundable deposit will be collected to hold your appointment. If you honor your appointment, your deposit will be refunded. If you are more than 10 minutes late your appointment will be canceled and you will forfeit your $10 deposit.

Cancellations: If you will be unable to make your appointment, please contact the WIBO office at 212-684-0854 by 1pm the day before the clinic and you will receive your full deposit. If you miss your appointment without giving ANY notice, WIBO will keep your deposit.

Documents: If you have a contract or document for the attorney to review prior to your appointment, please send it to at least a week in advance of the clinic date. Otherwise, the attorney will not be able to review it in advance for you. All questions and documents will remain confidential.

Must RSVP and bring photo I.D. to this event. The building is secured.

Note that your appointments are only 30 minutes long. Due to time restrictions sometimes all of your questions cannot be answered. Please list the questions below in priority you want them answered.